Our Solutions

    Your success is imperative to us and critical to our success! Our approach is to work closely with your team throughout the development life cycle, although most of the effort happens towards the end of the implementation, prior to rollout.


    Epiplex500 enables businesses to achieve high levels of competency amongst users of enterprise applications; be it a new application, existing application or changed applications..

    EPSS 500

    EPSS 500 is a solution that enables users to be superusers by providing step-by-step contextual assistance at the time of need. Errors will be reduced, calls to call centers will be reduced significantly and queues will also be a thing of the past..


    Analyzer enables businesses to monitor IT-enabled business processes at highly granular levels and compare user, department, business unit and company process execution metrics to company and industry benchmarks



    Sometime in our illustrious career, we use an application or for some of us, many applications. We use applications to fulfill a purpose, be it a daily job task/activity or a school project. Enterprises can no longer operate and grow without an IT application - it is essential. However, there remains the challenge of managing cost, retaining knowledge, minimizing brain-drain and ensuring people are rewarded in accordance to their performance. The intent of Croesus Epoch Perform Sdn Bhd is to help organizations retain and transfer knowledge in the easiest way possible. We also ensure knowledge can be captured and imparted in the most efficient manner on a timely basis, when it is required.

    The Founders

    Lee Sim had extensive experience with local and global corporations before she started out on her own and incorporated Netpartners Sdn Bhd, a data quality company, which has large enterprise clients in Malaysia and Singapore. Her niche is in identifying unique solutions that can bring results to enterprises quickly. One such solution is Epiplex which will enable enterprises to build strength and confidence in themselves and their employers in any IT system rollout. Frank is a master of information management—he engages with clients to understand how to make data into a gold mine. He serves global clients and operates in Hong Kong and Malaysia. His background in understanding the frustrations of system implementations where users are concerned has led him to be co-founder of Croesus Epoch Perform Sdn Bhd. The founders of the organization have had extensive experience in the areas of large multi-disciplinary projects in global and local organizations. Armed with a combined experience of over 60 years, we noticed a major issue with all applications/systems—USER ADOPTION! We have witnessed, over and over again, that systems can fail because users failed to use them effectively or failed to adjust to the new systems quickly. Croesus Epoch Perform Sdn Bhd aims to eliminate the fears and apprehensions that are associated with new or changing systems or the fears as a result of high staff turnover. What is more amazing is that we can help enterprises overcome these challenges and fears with the least effort and highest efficiency.
    Goh Lee Sim
    Founder & CEO
    Frank Grasic
    Co-Founder & Director